Why I started Kamila

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Why I started Kamila

“Deciding to run a business means you will make a mistake on a daily basis”

As a small business owner, you need to do things that are outside of your skillset. Most of the time, small business are just figuring things out as they grow.

I also experienced this when I was running my own small business. All of the academic achievement I had when I was younger did not mean anything. There was a point in my journey where I was struggling in almost all of the facet of my business - operations, customer service, team management, supply chain, marketing etc etc.

I almost closed the business - it was just too much. There was just too much that needed fixing I don’t even know where to start.

Lucky for me, I met someone who helped me fix my marketing in social media. From then on, my business took a turn for the better. I got better sales, I got better clients and therefore, I can afford to pay a good team and a more reliable supplier.

I even made it to Forbes and Inquirer!

“I want this - we want this to be the experience to be experienced by other small business owner as well!”, this is what Harry and I told ourselves.

This is the main reason why we decided to start a startup to address the social media marketing needs of small business. From our experience, we know that if we can improve the social marketing of a small business, it can open a lot of opportunities of growth for them.

And, as data shows, the growth of small business is not only the growth of the entrepreneur themselves but also growth of the community. Most small business, as they grow, they hire women who have not finished college education - women who would otherwise have a hard time find a good job.

Therefore, the more Kamila help a small business succeed in their social media marketing, the bigger the impact we bring to the community.

This is our bigger picture. This is why we do what we do.

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