kamilas4am welcomed a brand belonging to the electronic industry

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kamilas4am's mockup showing videos created by creators for a brand

As part of our test phase, kamilas4am is trying to handle brands in different industries in order to test the effectiveness of our services in different industries.

For the month of May, we are handling a screen monitor brand.

Handling a new client from a different industry gives us an opportunity to know more and understand the industry and recruit more creators who specialize in the said industry.
For this client, our goal is to help them establish their social media presence specifically on Instagram and Tiktok by providing them short-form videos relatable to their target market who are gamers, and corporate employees who are working from home.

This is how we do it: giving videos that show relatable contents to their target market such as showing a daily diet of a gamer and shooting funny video skits that make a corporate employee working from home have a laugh.

This is the expertise of kamilas4am. We make sure that the videos that will be provided by the creators are videos relatable to the audience.

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