kamilas4am's Incorporation and PRE-STATION Ai participation

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kamilas4am's Incorporation and PRE-STATION Ai participation

Announcement of Incorporation of kamilas4am and PRE-STATION Ai participation

On March 28, 2022, kamilas4am has been incorporated as a Japanese company with Shinsuke Hori and Millicent Dumalaog as board members.

Shinsuke Hori a.k.a Harry
Millicent Dumalaog a.k.a Mimi

Mimi Dumalaog is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University Philippines-Manila and is currently a PhD candidate at Nagoya University. She’s also a small business owner and currently has 50,000 SNS following. Shinsuke Hori studied marketing in America. Prior to opening his own company, he was working for a startup company in Japan as a sales and marketing officer. He also has experience managing a small business back in Cambodia. Currently, he has 40,000 SNS following. 

Mimi and Shinsuke both have experience in running a small business. Hence, they both have experienced the difficulties of growing a small business, especially in the phase of the demand of social media marketing. At the same time, Mimi and Shinsuke also experienced the opportunity of social media marketing especially when it’s done right. Mimi’s small business was featured in Forbes, Manila Bulletin, Inquirer, CNN, etc. because they were able to utilize social media properly;  they want other small business owners to experience the same.

This is why Mimi and Shinsuke made it their mission to solve the issues of small business owners in their social media marketing. Currently, kamilas4am is preparing its pre-seed fundraising via angel investment. They are looking for angel investors who invest in the creator industry, social media marketing, and small business. More importantly, kamilas4am are looking for angels who invest in startups with a social cause.

kamilas4am was chosen for PRE-STATION Ai’s incubation program

Image credit: Masaru Ikeda

In order to fully develop the business plan and direction of kamilas4am, Kamila applied and was chosen as a participant of this year’s PRE-STATION Ai program. Station AI is a program by the government of Japan in partnership with Softbank-one of the largest banks in Japan. Kamila was chosen to receive free mentorship and free office in WeWork Nagoya. While in this program, the goal of Kamila this year is to launch an MVP product and finish their seed round fundraising. 

At the end of it all, Mimi and Shinsuke want to build a world where a person no longer needs to choose between making money and pursuing what they love.

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