Build a Community Around your Brand: Turn your Clients into Fans!

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Build a Community Around your Brand: Turn your Clients into Fans!

kamilas4am shares how entrepreneurs can build a community around their brands with their experience from building online communities as a small business owner, why building a community is important, and how brands can incentivize their communities.

Everything is more expensive these days - especially ADS. 

I know, I know. It’s more expensive and it is less effective especially compared to the benefit it brought before. 

By now, you should be thinking how to operate and grow your business without relying too much on ADS. 

You, as a business owner, should start investing more on community building.

BTW, this is me. Crying everyday when we opened our own small business. Like you, we also experienced low sales brought by bad marketing. 

We tried almost everything: ads, post boosting, influencer marketing. Some of them worked, and some of them did not. It was discouraging when our campaigns weren't performing as we expected; low conversion rates, sales, reach, visits. 

We often thought of closing down our business multiple times. I didn’t have a background in marketing in business. Thankfully, Harry has a background in sales and marketing so he helped me greatly in my small business’ marketing strategy.

We discovered there was one thing that worked really well for us: focusing our efforts in the online communities we built. Here’s why:

Building a community around your brand fosters a connection between you and your clients.

Let’s think about it this way, people can fall in love with someone whom they have never even seen in person. Ever wonder why fans love the celebrities they idolize? That’s because they feel connected to them with every post they share. They follow all of their life updates on social media; the kind of clothes they wear, food that they eat, places they visit, products they use, etc. 

When we put this into a business perspective, the more visible your brand is around your community, the bigger the chances are that they will have a solid brand recall and loyalty. 

How to build your own community

Having your own community means that you are no longer selling to everyone, because the people in your community are your ideal clients! You can incentivize them through providing special promos, services, and going the extra mile depending on their recency, frequency, and amount of purchases. Make them feel special!

After focusing our efforts on our community, we didn’t have to spend money on ads anymore. Because when these people trust you and have been with your journey as a brand, they are more likely to support, purchase from you, and refer your brand to people like them.

Now, the question is how can you do this. If you want to understand more, join our workshop every week!

If you want to learn more about how you can incentivize your community building for your brand, join us in our weekly workshops in our Facebook Group every Wednesdays, 7PM PHT!

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