kamilas4am has now 180 performer creators on their platform

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kamilas4am has now 180 performer creators on their platform

kamilas4am has now 180 performer creators on their platform. These performer creators are people who love creating videos as a hobby. Most of the time, our performer creators are not influencers-they are not making money out of their contents. With kamilas4am, they now have the opportunity to monetize from their creativity.

Our performer creators have created videos in skincare, fashion, and food industry. Every time a creator handles a project, they get free products from the brands and at the same time, they also get monetary compensation from kamilas4am. This is one of the things that we are doing differently as a company.

Here is some feedback from our creators:
Ria-one of our first few creators:
“I really appreciate the work that I’m doing in Kamila. I can now monetize from the content that I made. Also, as a side hustle, this is very convenient because I can do these videos during my free time. It is a very convenient and easy way to monetize my creativity.“

If you want to be a part of our performer creator community, just send an email to Don’t forget to attach your social media links or sample videos you’ve made in the past. Don’t worry, we do not care whether you have 0 or 1 million followers. We would love to work with people who are having fun creating videos!

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