Kamila's 4am will open for limited pre-registration for our new service.

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Kamila's 4am will open for limited pre-registration for our new service.

Website Launch/Pre-registration
Kamilas4am is pleased to announce that we are now opening our doors to service small companies by April 1, 2022. Companies can now pre-register at our test website:

Background of Service

The mission of our company is to solve one of the most pressing problem of small business owners - marketing in social media.

After the pandemic, presence in social media is no longer optional for a small business owner. However, a lot of these growing companies are not equipped to respond to the change brought by the pandemic. Creating content is a time-consuming exercise; it takes 1-2 hours of the day. Further, creating content requires marketing skills - skills that the small business owners normally do not have. This is where Kamila’s 4am wants to help with. 

In order to solve this problem of video content production, Kamila started a community marketplace where we connect small business owners and “performer creators” who often are the consumers and supporters of these small business owners.

The service involves two (2) processes:

  1. Connect small business owners with suitable partner “performer creators” to produce videos for the business owners.
  2. A tech service that will suggest video contents for small business owners relative to their needs. 

In this way, the business owners will get high-quality videos that have high potential to convert into sales, and at the same time, performer creators who normally don’t make money from their contents can now monetize.

How it works

The process of getting the service is easy. It involves:

  1. registering to the website, 
  2. coordinating with Kamila’s team, 
  3. choosing amongst the suggested performer creators, and finally, 
  4. waiting for your video to be delivered

Eventually, Kamila’s 4am’s will be releasing more features as we go along in our development.


As we develop our platform and system, Kamila is now ready to welcome a limited number of small business owners. Should you want to onboard, please register here.

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