Jumpstart A Competition Campaign

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a UN Agency, joined forces with Blogapalooza to leverage the immense reach of TikTok as it showcases its creative competition where it allows joiners to “flex” their cultural heritage.

To kick-start the competition, they would need creators who can provide quality entries. However, partnering with influencers involves issues such as lockouts and numerous restrictions.

The Solution: Collaborating with kamilas4am's Creators

To solve this problem, Blogapalooza collaborated with kamilas4am, who rarely imposed restrictions on its creators; prompting our talented creators to be the first to submit their entries. This initial push helped establish a high standard for the upcoming participants, ensuring that the quality of submissions remained top-notch throughout the competition.

Notably, the initial wave of participants is crucial in setting the benchmark for the competition on TikTok. Maintaining a high level of quality in the early entries establishes a precedent that encourages subsequent entrants to produce equally impressive content.


Result: Higher Revenue

The collaboration not only led to the creation of 30 visually striking videos, each crafted by 30 different creators, but it also played a crucial role in helping WIPO and Blogapalooza to significantly enhance their overall revenue. This strategic approach increased their financial gains and market presence, marking a significant milestone in their business growth journey.

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