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This company was built by Mimi and Harry. Mimi is a graduate of the University of the Philippines and is currently a PhD candidate in Nagoya University.

On the side, she operated her small business. As a small business owner herself, she understand the problem of small business owners - their struggles, their hope and their dream. More importantly, she saw how a good SNS marketing can change the course of a business.

Mimi's journey as a small business owner changed so much after she learned SNS marketing from Harry. She partnered with Harry and together, they were able to build Mimi's business till it landed the pages of Forbes. This partnership is something we want to replicate - partner business owners with marketers and performer to help them produce social media contents.

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Meet the people behind Kamilas4am

Mimi Dumalaog
Shinsuke Hori
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About Kamilas4am:
Company Name: kamilas4am株式会社
Company Address: 愛知県名古屋市中村区平池町4丁目平池町60-12グローバルゲート11階
Company Contact Number: +817022270282
Email Address: Harry@kamilas4am.com
CEO and COO: Shinsuke Hori
Fees: Video Starts at $29 / ¥3800 (see pricing page)
Delivery Time: Average of 7 days
Payment Method: Credit Card/ Apple Pay

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