Terms and conditions

Scope of Service and Conditions

  • kamilas4am shall produce agreed upon number of videos and shall match business owners with the agreed upon number of creators.
  • kamilas4am  shall guarantee the quality of the videos produced by performer creators by checking and filtering the videos before it is submitted to the companies.
  • kamilas4am shall manage the companies project to ensure that schedule and timelines are followed.
  • kamilas4am will be posting on social media platforms for the brand.
  • kamilas4am, during the engagement with the client, shall report to the client regarding the update of the video production. The updates shall be communicated through Slack as the main communication tool. Important notifications will be sent via email. Google Drive will be used for video uploads.
  • Any delays from the side of the client may result to the delay of the schedule such as but not limited to: 1)delay of sending products.
  • The business owner agrees not to distribute or post to any channel an EDITED version of what Kamila submitted without the prior approval of Kamila. Edits include but is not limited to adding additional overlay text, splicing the videos, inserting additional clips, or deleting portion of the videos and the likes
  • As a part of availing our trial price, you agree to set up a monthly meeting with kamilas4am answer our feedback form to help us improve our service. Failure to comply will result to automatic removal as our test client.

Client's Products

  • For the purpose of shooting the videos, the client shall send products and shoulder the shipping expenses to and from kamilas4am or our performer creator/s.
  • Unless otherwise requested, the products sent to the creator/ to Kamila will not be returned to the business owner.
  • Should the business owner require the return of the products sent, neither kamilas4am nor the creator shall be held liable should any of the product/s be damaged in any way during the shipment and/or during the shooting of the videos.
  • Items sent, by default, will not be returned UNLESS requested by client beforehand.

Use of Video

Companies agree that the videos produced by kamilas4am can only be used in the following scenarios: 1) to be posted in the social media accounts of the company that contracted the service of kamilas4am, 2) to be posted in the official website of the company that contracted the service of kamilas4am and, 3) to be used as an ad content for the social media and google ad activities of the company kamilas4am contracted. Should the client want to use the videos other that what was agreed upon, the client has to seek permission from Kamila.

Subscription and Renewal

This Agreement is deemed renewed every month unless the client/s signify in writing to terminate the service (7) days prior to the end of the Term Period. If the client wish to end the service, the client/s shall inform kamilas4am at least 3 days before payment for next month will recur.

Refund Policy

Upon payment, the platform immediately executes the process of creation of the videos. HENCE, the payment for the service is NON-REFUNDABLE unless Kamila cannot deliver the videos by reasons beyond our control.

Limitation of liability

  • The company shall not hold Kamilas4am responsible for any liability resulting from the sale, distribution, and consumption of the Products, as well as other misrepresentation in the labeling and packaging of the Products, and/or any liability to a third party arising from Product warranty/ies.
  • The client/s warrants that the Products are equipped with proper  registrations and licenses, of merchantable quality; fit for their intended purpose; and comply  with all relevant standards and requirements adopted and imposed by any governmental  agency or local government authorities
  • Should Kamila's 4am and creators be held liable by any third party arising from any issue/s in the sale, distribution, and consumption of the Products, the client agrees to indemnify  Kamila's 4am and creators for whatever cost/s the latter may incur in defending or protecting its rights.

Force Majeure

  • If for any reason, such as strikes, boycotts, war, acts of God, labor troubles, riots, delays of  commercial flights/carriers, restraints of public authority, or for any other reason, similar or dissimilar,  beyond the control of the parties, which will impede or tend to impede the short-form video production both the client and Kamila's 4am will  exercise all means possible to reschedule any delays and discuss possible options/remedies that are convenient to both parties.