kamilas4am Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Kamilas4am

Kamilas4am, herein referred to as “Kamila” or “the company” is an online platform that provides short-form videos for small business owners like you. These terms and conditions serve as the legal agreement between Kamilas4am Inc and you (referred to here in as “you”, “the client”, “user”) and the organization you represent. 

BY REGISTERING IN THIS PLATFORM, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH IN THIS PAGE. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not access Kamilas4am's platform.

1. Services

1.1 Video Production. Our service help small businesses create high-quality video content for your social media. Through our service, you can choose a video template you want for your business, work with model creator/s to shoot your video and receive video content. 

1.2 Delivery.
Kamilas4am guarantees the delivery of the complete number of videos ordered by the client in a timely manner. The client, however, recognizes that any delay stemming from the delay or response or inaction from the client such as but not limited to sending of the product, approval of videos and answering the KYC and the likes, will not be held against kamila. 

1.3 Project Scope. After ordering the video, the client agrees that Kamila will not accept any changes from what was ordered by the client such as but not limited to changing the script, changing the model creator, changing the video type and the likes.

1.4 Update.
During the video production process, the client can get updates of the progress of the project in the dashboard and via email. 

1.5 Package.
Currently, Kamila offers two (2) kind of service: monthly subscription and "one-shot" model. Subscription package means you will get the same number of video with the same add-ons every month. Please note that subscription also means that your registered card will be charged monthly on the same date unless you unsubscribe from your side. One-shot model are for clients who do not want to consistently receive videos from the platform.

1.6 Model Creators.
When you order a video from Kamila , you will be paired up with model creator/s who will shoot the videos for you. Kamila will be responsible in coordinating with model creators. Depending on your add-on, you can choose your creator or kamila can choose it for you. If you order a "choose creator" add-on and failed to select any creator within 48 business hours after options are given, Kamila will automatically choose them for you.

1.7 Price.
The final price will be agreed upon by Kamila and the client. Any discount given will be a prerogative of kamila. Prices might change without prior notice to the client. 

1.8 Billing.
If the client chose a subscription package, the client has the responsibility to unsubscribe from the service before the billing date should the client wish to stop receiving videos from kamilas4am.

1.9 Feedback.
Clients who got the testimonial pricing commits to a monthly feedback done via zoom. The client, after the delivery of service, agrees to give kamilas4am feedback on how to improve our service and testimonials that we can share to the public. Feedback session happens at least once a month. Should the client deem that they cannot commit to a monthly feedback session, Kamila reserves the right to either terminate the service or revoke the discount and revert back to the original price of the service.

1.10 Video Posting. Should kamila offer the posting of the video to client’s account, the clients agree to not hold kamila liable to any changes that may happen in the account that are beyond the control of kamila such as but not limited to the banning of accounts by a third party.  

1.11 Use of the video content.
The client agrees that the videos created by kamila maybe used only for posting in the client’s social media account limited to Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube. Any social media account outside of these terms shall be preapproved by kamila. The client may also use the videos as an ad material to the aforementioned social media platforms. The client may also use the videos for its website or any marketplaces such as but not limited to Shopee, Lazada, Amazon. 

1.12 Misuse of the video content.
Any use of the video outside the terms specified in 1.10 shall be preapproved by Kamila.

1.12 Editing the submitted video.
Should the client pay for the raw file of the submitted video (referred herein as “submitted video”), the client agrees to only edit the submitted video in a way that is legal and lawful. The client also agrees to reserve the right for kamilas4am and the model creator to request the take down of the video should the newly edits introduced by the clients to the submitted video is deemed not acceptable by the model creator or is in violation to our terms and condition.

1.13 Refund Policy.
Payments made upon order of the video are nonrefundable except for cases where Kamila deems that we cannot deliver the video.

1.14 "Fake" UGC. Kamilas4am does not allow client to ask creator to mention in any mean or form that he/she has used the product if this is not the case.

1.15 Liability
. The client agrees to not hold Kamila, any member of the company or its model creator liable for any legal action brought upon the publication of the videos be it online or offline. The client shall not hold Kamilas4am responsible for any liability resulting from the sale, distribution, and consumption of the Products, as well as other misrepresentation in the labeling and packaging of the Products, and/or any liability to a third party arising from Product warranty/ies.

1.16 Suspension and Termination.
Any client are free to stop using Kamila’s platform anytime. Kamila also reserves the right to terminate or suspend any account, without notice, should there be a violation of any of our terms and conditions

1.17 Retaining Video Content.
Kamila agrees to keep copies of the submitted video for up to 30 days from the date of delivery. After 30 days, Kamila cannot guarantee the storage of the videos.  

1.18 Model creator travel
. If your service requires our model creator or any member of the company to travel to your place of business, you agree to shoulder all the travel cost incurred by the company or model creators. Should it be possible, you may also arrange the pick up and drop off of the model creator or anyone from the company. 

2. Products

2.1 Product Warranty. You will not send any products to kamila or its model creator that are deemed illegal, harmful or hazardous or anything that infringe third party’s copyright or patent. Should there be a violation to this, kamila has the right to dispose of the product with or without notice. 

2.2 Product Return.
Unless otherwise requested, the products sent to kamila or its model creator will not be returned. Should the client request the return of the products, the client agrees to pay handling fee on top of any cost stemming from returning the product. Should the product require a special delivery system outside of what’s available to the model creator, the client is also responsible in picking up the product. You further agree that kamilas4am is not liable for any damage or loss of your product in transit. 

2.3 Use of Product.
The client agrees to not hold Kamilas4am or any of its model creators liable should there be damage to the product during its transportation or usage and storage during the production shoot. 

4. Access to Service

4.1 Accounts and Registration. You may access features in our platform by creating a Kamila user account. As a user, you are responsible for creating your unique username and password. You are responsible in safeguarding your password and you agree not to disclose your password to any third party. You will be responsible for any activities taken under your account. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account, you agree to notify kamilas4am immediately via sending an email to harry@kamilas4am.com. Kamilas4am is not liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with above requirements.

5. General Policy

Kamilas4am has zero-tolerance for unlawful or unethical conduct in any form such as but not limited to bribery, bullying, fraud etc. We expect all members of kamilas4am, our partners and our clients to act with an utmost professionalism at all times.

Any action that goes against our principle may result to termination of contract.