Project Manager

Part time

■ kamila’s core values

  • Love failure :  We encourage member to challenge and fail. We share everyone’s failure in our team every week and praise each and everyone accordingly.
  • Outdo yesterday : Must not focus on the failures, but make sure to work harder than what you did yesterday.
  • Wrong action is better than no action : Always willing to try and challenge yourself and be open to new things.

■ About the Role

As Project Manager, you will lead team members by assigning specific tasks to each member. You are responsible for for keeping the schedule and making sure that the team members assigned in the project are doing their tasks. Your primary responsibility is to make sure that all the moving parts are working properly. You are expected to get progress updates and reports from the team members. You will also expected to lead a team and continue finding ways to improve the processes and systems.

■ Qualification

  • Have watched K-darama “start-up” and love that movie (if yes, you must be fitting us!)
  • Passion to support small business owners
  • Must have a laptop and stable Internet connection
  • Shared understanding and belief in kamilas4am mission and values
  • Can render at least 20 hours per week

■ Better to have

  • Experience as a small business owner
  • Prior experience working as a project manager or even an assistant
  • Willing to undergo training process
  • Have the good sense of social media contents strategy or editing

■ Benefit to join

  • You can work remotely. Anytime anywhere.
  • See your ideas to be executed fast without so many layers of approval
  • Paid Holidays will be provided
  • Chika Lunch Monday (Everyone gathers at 1PM-2PM JST every Mondays to have chika time with the whole team. As we believe that good team work will bring great work.)
  • Paid Period Leave or Paid Monthly Cravings (for women employees)
  • Mobile Data Paid

■ People we look for

  • Love to enjoy the early stage startup success and fails
  • Willing to challenge that something that you never tried
  • People who believe our mission and love our values

■ Work Environment

  • Full remort work (we open virtual office hour so you will not be alone)
  • Harry and team are always following up during the intern term
  • Fun virtual set-up
  • Advantage of working anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection

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