Content Strategist


■ kamila’s core values

  • Love failure :  We encourage member to challenge and fail. We share everyone’s failure in our team every week and praise each and everyone accordingly.
  • Outdo yesterday : Must not focus on the failures, but make sure to work harder than what you did yesterday.
  • Wrong action is better than no action : Always willing to try and challenge yourself and be open to new things.

■ Qualification

  • Have watched K-darama “start-up” and love that movie (if yes, you must be fitting us!)
  • Great skills to make short form video contents ideas
  • Had some experiences to work contents for others
  • Passion to support small business owners
  • Shared understanding and belief in kamilas4am mission and values

■ Better to have

  • Love small business rather than big brands
  • Love to enjoy the early stage startup success and failures
  • Had experiences to make other accounts grow
  • Love Tiktok and short form video to browse or shoot
  • Have the good sense of social media contents strategy or editing

■ People we look for

  • Love to enjoy the early stage startup success and fails
  • Willing to challenge that something that you never tried
  • People who believe our mission and love our values

■ Work Environment

  • Full remort work (we open virtual office hour so you will not be alone)
  • Fun virtual set-up
  • Advantage of working anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection

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