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Your current activity
Person you
coordinate with
Average time
you spend
Minimum cost
Product Seeding
10 hours / month
$200 per video
Studio Shoot
Studio Company
3 hours per month
$500 per video
Video Marketing Agencies
4 hour per month
$200 per video

The 1st company to offer video production at an affordable price!

After a month, we already hit the right kind of videos for our brand.

It is easy to give feedback to Kamila. They work with me to improve the videos month by month.

Small Business Owner

All your doubts, answered.

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How long is your beta-test price?

While we are still fixing our processes and systems, we are offering our beta-users a discounted price. We are not sure until when it will be but try to enjoy this discounted service as much as you can!

How long can I get the videos?

After settling your payment, you can receive the video within 3-7 weeks.

Can I choose creators for my project?

Yes, definitely! We will shortlist 5 creators to which you can choose 1-2 creators.

What if I don't like the shortlisted creators?

If you don’t want anyone from our shortlisted, you can request another shortlist from us. However, this will be an additional cost for your company.

Can I request for a specific type of videos?

Yes! That’s our competitive advantage. We will give you a set of video template that usually works for your industry but you can also request a custom video for your project.

Where can I use these videos?

You can use them to: 1) Post in your social media channels and 2) Paid ads content. Do note, however, that some videos may contain music that are not sutiable to be used for FB ads.

Other than these two scenarios, it's a case to case basis. Please contact us if you want to use it outside of these terms.

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