How One Video Tripled the Ads Sale of a Jewelry Brand

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How One Video Tripled the Ads Sale of a Jewelry Brand

With short-form videos being one of the most powerful digital marketing tools today, many small businesses are utilizing TikToks and Reels for social media ads to increase brand awareness and sales.

One example is the Philippine-based jewelry brand Orphic. This small business ordered a set of authentic and trendy short videos from kamilas4am’s team of 500+ UGC creators.

Orphic invested PHP 1,699 on a video created by kamilas4am. Through this video, they sold more than 100 pieces which amounted to more than PHP 120,000 in sales! This massive ROI is three times better than when the brand only used static photos for ads.

Here’s why it worked:

Highlighting the consumers' problem and providing a solution

AIn the UGC video, the creators highlighted a common problem for the brand's customers: forgetting to remove their jewelry.

The video provided a solution to this by presenting Orphic's water-resistant jewelry.

In just a few seconds, this video ad easily gave customers a reason to buy the product!

Authenticity and relatability

Gone are the days of having to spend lots of money for influencers to talk about your brand. With user-generated content such as this, people don't feel like they are being bombarded by advertisers screaming "BUY THIS".

This kind of content makes consumers feel like they're just watching the average person or a friend talking about a product they love. It works because this generation of consumers wants more authenticity and transparency from brands.

This is why UGC creators are on the rise in many parts of the world. User-generated content is the way for small businesses to stay ahead of the curve in this day and age of social media marketing.

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