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Local Skincare for men

Tikas wanted to change the world by promoting that men also deserves skin-care. Tikas approached Kamila so they can spread their message on TikTok.

Spread the message

In order to help Tikas spread the message of their brand, we helped them produce videos that can explain the value of their brand and spread their message in a manner that will still capture the attention of their audience.

How-to videos

The most common question Tikas gets is: "How can I use your skincare set?"

Traditionally, companies will produce infomercial explaining how the products work and the benefit it brings. In this time and age, THESE INFORMERCIALS ARE BORING.

This is what we did: we asked our creator Reine to produce a short vlog style explaining the step-by-step guide on how to use the Tikas skincare set.

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