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FAQ of performer creator
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We know you got questions, we got you.

Read here to know more about the commonly asked questions of performer creators.

1. What kind of videos do we need to do for brands?

Videos range from unboxing, how-to videos, trendy Tiktok videos, UGCs and more. If you want to check our previous works, go to the Case Study page of our website.

2. Can I choose the brands I will work with?

Clients will choose which performer creators they want to work with. If in case, there are reasons you can't work with a brand who chose you as their performer creator, please let us know.

3. What is the deadline for the video submission?

We are requesting performer creators to send the video 5 days after receiving video requests and the products.

4. Will I be planning the contents?

No. Kamila will give you the content idea and content direction, all you need to do is to add your creative skills to shoot the video.

5. How many videos do I need to make?

The number of videos you will make depends on how many will be assigned to you. Please expect at most 4 videos per brand.

6. Can I keep the products sent to me?

It depends. Some brands requests a return of the products they have sent, some brands let the performer creator keep the product. We will advice you whether or not you can keep the product. If you need to send it back, client will shoulder the shipping cost.

7. Do I need to post the videos in my account?

Not needed. We are not an influencer marketing company. Rather, we produce videos that are intended to be posted in the account of the businesses we are working with. You can however, share it in your accounts too; just ask permission from the team.

Some sample videos our creators have made:

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